Men's Clothing T-Shirt Wholesale Lot, AMERICAN APPAREL , 41 items, Shelf Pulls, MSRP $874

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Men's Clothing T-Shirt Wholesale Lot, AMERICAN APPAREL , 41 items, Shelf Pulls, MSRP $874 

Quantity 41
MSRP (USD) $874
Condition Shelf Pulls



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With Tag or Within Original Bag UPC Brand Item Description  Retail Per Unit  *Estimated Price Size Qty Total Retail
No AMERICAN APPAREL  American Apparel Unisex Heavy Jersey Athletic Box T-Shirt XL  $         22.00 * XL 3 $66.00
No 00191675034473, AMERICAN APPAREL American Apparel YNeck RngrT WHITE/NAVY S  $         22.00 * Adult Small 12 $264.00
No AMERICAN APPAREL Red Short Sleeves  $         20.00 * L 14 $280.00
No AMERICAN APPAREL Blue Tri-blend Short Sleeves  $         22.00 * M 12 $264.00
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