Men's Clothing Tops Hoodie Wholesale Lot, AMERICAN APPAREL ONLY, 14 Items, Shelf Pulls, MSRP $644

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Men's Clothing Tops Hoodie Wholesale Lot, AMERICAN APPAREL ONLY,  14 Items, Shelf Pulls, MSRP $644

Quantity 14
MSRP (USD) $644
Condition Shelf Pulls


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With Tag or Within Original Bag UPC Brand Item Description Retail Per Unit Size Qty Total Retail
No American Apparel American Apparel AdltIRR Hoodie Olive Green 2XL $46.00 Adult X-Large 4 $184.00
No American Apparel American Apparel AdltIRR Hoodie Faded Blue 2XL $46.00 Adult X-Large 10 $460.00
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